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About Us

We come to you as Saskatoon-based hobbyists, reptile breeders & exotic animal enthusiasts first and foremost. Stargazer Exotics was formed to provide our customers with everyday reptile staples, custom niche products, high-quality reptiles and hard to source items at prices that won't break the bank. Our years in the industry have provided us with the knowledge and experience you need in a reptile store. We have made great friends along the way and as a result, we are pleased to work along side some of the industry's renowned leaders.


Let's be honest, the reptile keeping hobby is far from being cheap. From day one a core founding objective and mission was to offer products to our customers for prices that were much lower than average retail. This philosophy still holds true today. Our everyday prices are on average 10-30% lower than retail prices. Plus you always save 10% more on every purchase. Combine all this with our very generous loyalty program for even more savings and free product and you have saving that can be upwards of 60%


We have been privately importing and exporting animals from all over the globe for many years now and as such we have made  great connections with leading industry breeders, wholesalers, importers and collectors.  We strive to provide our customers with animals of the utmost quality and pride ourselves on assisting our customers to find the species for which they are looking.  


We stock and sell products in Saskatoon that we have used for decades and trust for reliability, quality and design. We offer some of the industry's best quality professional grade items, along with custom niche products and everyday staples. The truth of the matter is we really don't care what sells, we really care about what works.

We know you will appreciate this.

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