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Beardie Backpack

10 Colour Options!
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Product Details
  • Size: ~3.0"x3.0''
  • It is made of quality Water Resistant and Breathable Polyester Fabric with functional metal zippers. This ensure a secure & long-lasting durable garment.
  • Skin Safe and does not constrict neck and throat area. (This newer version does not wrap around neck as some images show the old version)
  • Cute, fashionable and unique lizard backpack with 2-compartment design will make your dragon become the focus of attention. It's perfect for walking, taking photos, group presentations/attending parties and outings
  • Perfect Gift: It's a perfect gift for your reptile or friends who owns a lizard.
  • Great for bearded dragons, large geckos,, iguana and other small pet animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, and even birds.
  • Color may very slightly than those shown.
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