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Bright Hassi Isopods

Porcellio hassi "Bright Form"
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Grouping: Porcellio, Porcellionides & Oniscus

Porcellio hassi "Bright Form" Isopod in Canada

You know what's interesting? There's this haasi locale that folks sometimes call "light." These haasi were scooped up in Spain, and let me tell you, they've got a pretty unique look. Imagine a deep grey canvas splashed with these light yellow/white patches. It's like art in the isopod world!

Now, here's a cool fact: when these little ones are born, they're all white. But as they grow, they slowly start getting that deep grey base color. It's like they're unfolding their true selves with time.

So, yeah, if you're talking about haasi from Spain, this is the one with that rich grey base color and those delightful light yellow or white splashes. Nature's got quite the style, doesn't it?

Here at Isopod Canada, we take pride in bringing you the finest and most unique isopod varieties. Our "Light Grey" haasi is a testament to the natural artistry found in the heart of Spain, a cherished addition to your isopod collection. Get ready to be captivated by the intricate dance of colors that these remarkable creatures unveil as they grow and thrive.

Porcellio Hassi "Bright Form"

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

For live arrival ensure to choose the following Shipping method:
LIVE INSECTS OR FROZEN FEEDERS ( Live/Fresh Arrival Guarantee)
No credit for orders when slower shipping is chosen.

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