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Buddha Nuts / Buddah Nuts

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Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Introducing the Natural Pterygota Alata from Stargazer Exotics – A Versatile and Exotic Decorative Element!

Our Pterygota Alata, also known as the Buddha Nut, is a stunning natural creation that remains untouched by any dyes, bleaches, varnishes, or chemicals. With its woody structure, this exotic dried fruit offers endless possibilities for your decorating and crafting endeavors.

The Stargazer Exotics Buddha Nut in its natural form is a perfect addition to terrariums, aquatic terrariums, aquariums, aviaries, and other small animal cages. It serves as a versatile element that can be used as a food bowl, hiding place, shelter, or even a cozy sleeping spot for your animals, all without causing them harm.

But the uses don't stop there. The Pterygota Alata can be seamlessly integrated into floral arrangements, especially in the realm of funeral floristry and boho-style decorations. Combine it with dried flowers, grasses, grains, leaves, and natural feathers to craft unique and captivating decorative pieces.

Originating from India, Myanmar, and northern Malaysia, the Buddha Fruit comes from a tree that can reach towering heights of up to 45 meters, with a crown width of 8 meters. Its distinctive pod splits open on one side to release numerous seeds with long wings, designed for wind dispersal.

The Stargazer Exotics Buddha Nut in its natural state is an extraordinary decorative element suitable for various applications. Whether adorning vases, bowls, or serving as a nesting opportunity or bird swing in aviaries, its beauty knows no bounds. It's also an excellent choice for creating bird toys and shredding material.

For terrarium decoration, combine the Buddha Nut with other natural Stargazer Exotics products like pods, driftwood, lianas, roots, wood, and cork oak, coconut, or bamboo items to craft a captivating and harmonious environment for your pets. Unleash your creativity with the endless possibilities offered by the Natural Pterygota Alata from Stargazer Exotics!


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