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Caramel Creme Isopods

Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème"
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Grouping: Cubaris

Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" Isopods in Canada

Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" is a fascinating and charming variety of isopod known for its striking appearance and endearing behaviors. These are now available from Isopod Canada. As part of the Cubaris genus, these isopods are highly sought after by bioactive terrarium enthusiasts and collectors.

Physical Appearance: Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" is characterized by its beautiful caramel-colored exoskeleton, which sets it apart from other isopod varieties. The unique coloration resembles the creamy richness of caramel, adding a touch of natural beauty to any terrarium setup. Their size typically ranges from 4 to 6 mm, making them relatively small but captivating creatures.

Habitat and Behavior: These isopods thrive in damp and sheltered environments, such as leaf litter, logs, and under stones. They prefer terrariums with high humidity levels and are active mainly during the night. As detritivores, Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" plays a vital role in breaking down organic matter, contributing to nutrient cycling, and enriching the soil in their habitat.

Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" is known for its peaceful and social nature, often observed engaging in communal behaviors. They are generally non-aggressive, making them suitable companions for various other terrarium inhabitants.

Terrarium Enthusiasts' Favorite: Due to their enchanting appearance and compatible behavior with other organisms, Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" has become a favorite among terrarium enthusiasts and collectors. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and charm to any bioactive environment.

As with any isopod species, providing a well-maintained and balanced terrarium environment is essential to ensure the optimal health and thriving of Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème."

Overall, Cubaris sp. "Caramel Crème" is a captivating and delightful addition to any terrarium setup. Whether you're an experienced terrarium enthusiast or a curious beginner, these unique isopods are sure to bring joy and wonder to your bioactive habitat. Now avialable in all Canadian Markets.

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

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