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Ceratophrys Mud - Substrate for Pacman/Horned Frogs

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Brand: Stargazer Exotics
Ceratophrys Mud is a substrate specially developed in terms of the needs of horned frogs. It ensures the freshness of the terrarium, eliminates unpleasant odors, neutralizes toxic compounds from wets and faeces, and maintains adequate humidity. Additionally, the substrate can be eaten safely. The substrate can be washed to restore its original absorbing properties.

What is Ceratophrys Mud?
The substrate is a natural, specially selected soil enriched with the content of activated carbon. The substrate is finally sintered to prevent the soil particles from disintegrating in contact with water or under the influence of mechanical factors.

What are its unique properties?
- the content of activated carbon neutralizes toxins, e.g. from urine, faeces or uneaten food. Providing safe and healthy breeding conditions for every amphibian. In addition, this ingredient neutralizes heavy metals and other compounds that can deteriorate the health of the horned frog.

- the substrate tames and reduces unpleasant odors

- retains adequate humidity, which is important when breeding horned frogs

- facilitates movement and enables digging

Can the substrate be eaten?
Yes. The substrate is not hazardous if swallowed.

What animals is it dedicated to?
Ceratophrys Mud has been specially developed for the needs and requirements of horned frogs (genus Ceratophrys) of all species and subspecies.

How long does it last? Can it be washed?
It is enough to rinse the substrate under running water to restore its initial absorbing and detoxifying properties. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of washing the substrate. Therefore, the substrate lasts a very long time, keeping the terrarium clean and fresh.

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