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Gdansk Ghost Isopods

Porcellio scaber "Gdnask Gost"
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Grouping: Porcellio, Porcellionides & Oniscus

Porcellio scaber "Gdnask Ghost" Isopods in Canada

Welcome to Isopod Canada, where you can find the captivating Porcellio scaber "Gdansk Ghost" isopods. Named for their ethereal and ghostly appearance, these unique creatures will add a touch of intrigue and beauty to your bioactive terrarium.

Porcellio scaber "Gdansk Ghost" isopods are not only visually striking but also highly beneficial to your terrarium ecosystem. As diligent detritivores, they play a vital role in breaking down decaying organic matter, contributing to nutrient cycling, and enriching the soil for your plants' optimal growth.

With their peaceful and social nature, these isopods are excellent companions for other terrarium inhabitants, creating a harmonious and vibrant terrarium community. Whether you're a seasoned terrarium enthusiast or just beginning your journey, Isopod Canada offers you the chance to experience the magic of Porcellio scaber "Gdansk Ghost" isopods in your own home.

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

For live arrival ensure to choose the following Shipping method:
LIVE INSECTS OR FROZEN FEEDERS ( Live/Fresh Arrival Guarantee)
No credit for orders when slower shipping is chosen.

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