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Humidity Plus™ by Zoomed - Silicone Terrarium Cover

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An important part of creating the proper habitat for pet reptiles is maintaining appropriate humidity levels.

Zoo Med’s Humidity Plus Silicone Terrarium Cover can be used to slow the drying process and maintain high humidity levels for longer!

  • Remove from package and unfold.
  • Lay on top of terrarium screen and mark placement of lights, heaters, and ventilation with a ball-point pen.
  • Use scissors to carefully trim to size following your markings as a guide.


Humidity is the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. For reptiles that are adapted to live in humid or tropical climates, humidity plays a vital role in the health of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract and more.

There are many different ways to create humidity in a reptile habitat, including proper use of substrates, water dishes, waterfalls, foggers, misting, and live terrarium plants. As substrates and décor dry out over time, the humidity level in a habitat will drop.

  • UVB & UVA will not penetrate through this material.
  • Do not place lamps or heating elements directly on top of silicone mat.
  • This item will reduce ventilation – be sure to leave appropriate space for fresh air!
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