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Indian Almond Leaves -Premium Grade A+

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Ketapang or Sea Almond or Indian Almond or Terminalia catappa leaves are known to most, if not all frog breeders, to be one of the best water conditioners to promote healing and breeding. They are known to have anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties. Frogs are known to be induced to spawn by just putting a few of the leaves into their tank.

Beneficial to all reptile and amphibian enclosures due to the fact, as they break down they release natural ant-fungus and anti-bacterial agents. They lower the pH of water naturally to provide a more natural water source.

When soaked in water these leaves will leach a strong brown dye that is full of organic acids like humic acids and tannic acids. These may be useful for inhibiting many types of bacteria and fungus as well as to detoxify harmful heavy metals found in water.

It is no wonder that these leaves are often called "Miracle Leaves"


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