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Jatoba Pods

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Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Sold Indiviudally . 3 - 4 inches in size

Hymenaea courbaril

Introducing Jatoba Pods: Nature's Touch for Vibrant Terrariums, Enriched Aquariums, and Cozy Habitats!

Elevate the environment for your bioactive terrariums, tannin-stained aquariums, and captivating creatures with the natural wonders of Jatoba Pods. These exquisite botanical additions will transform your enclosure into a dynamic and thriving ecosystem, providing numerous benefits for both flora and fauna.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Enrichment: Crafted by Mother Nature herself, Jatoba Pods offer a myriad of uses for your terrariums, aquariums, and habitats. They mimic the fallen leaves and wood in natural ecosystems, creating a realistic and stimulating environment for your plants and animals.
  2. Tannin Release: Jatoba Pods gently release beneficial tannins into the water, simulating the conditions of tannin-rich habitats found in the wild. This not only enhances the water color but also provides natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that promote the health and vitality of aquatic organisms.
  3. Hideaways and Climbing Structures: Small animals, reptiles, and insects will find solace within the crevices and hollows of the Jatoba Pods. They serve as cozy hideaways, resting spots, and even climbing structures, adding a dynamic dimension to their living spaces.
  4. Natural Decor: With their unique shapes and textures, Jatoba Pods bring an aesthetic charm to any setup. Create visually appealing landscapes that resemble untouched natural settings, whether it's a lush rainforest or a serene underwater world.
  5. Slow Decay: Jatoba Pods have a durable nature that allows them to slowly break down over time. This natural decomposition process contributes to the overall nutrient cycle within your enclosure, enriching the substrate and benefiting plant growth.
  6. Spider Retreats: For arachnid enthusiasts, Jatoba Pods offer fantastic retreats for spiders and other small invertebrates. Their nooks and crannies provide a safe haven for web-building species and burrowing creatures alike.

Whether you're setting up a bioactive terrarium, a tannin-enriched aquarium, or a habitat for your favorite eight-legged friends, Jatoba Pods add a touch of authenticity and vitality that artificial decorations simply cannot replicate.

Embrace the power of nature with Jatoba Pods – your passport to creating a captivating and flourishing ecosystem right in your own living space. Elevate your terrarium, aquarium, or habitat to new heights of beauty and balance with these incredible botanical marvels.

Cylindrical shape, medium size, 3 to 4" in length and 1 to 2 " opening at 1 end.. Heavier and larger than Seru Pods, but sinilar shape and color.

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