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MagNaturals Worm Feeder Ledge

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Product Details
Brand: Pet-Tekk

Key Features:

  • Install or relocate in seconds
  • Removable Cup
  • NO glue or velcro
  • 100% non-toxic materials
  • Magnetic force guaranteed for life
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximize terrarium space
  • Create exciting terrariums with multiple units and then recreate them at will!

This Ledge is great for all small to medium reptile, amphibian and invertebrates who feed on small worms like meal worms, butter worms and wax worms. The specially designed worm cup has a "lip" around the top that prevents the worms from escaping. The cup is removable and can be cleaned or replaced. Not only are MagNaturals original and innovative, they are also made in the U.S.A. We are dedicated to developing new products that will enhance the lives of terrarium pets as well as creating more natural and beautiful environments for you to enjoy.Replacement Small Worm Cups

Size: 6.75" x 4.5" Ledge 3.5" cup.

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