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Mini Oak Leaf Litter

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Brand: Jurassic Reptile Products

Mini Oak Leaf Litter is a high-quality substrate material designed for small animal habitats and terrariums. Made from dried small oak leaves, this litter provides a natural and attractive ground covering that mimics the natural environment of small animals. It is non-toxic and safe for all species of small pets, and helps maintain proper humidity levels and substrate hygiene. The small size of the oak leaves makes it easy for small animals to burrow and create their own cozy living space. In addition, the litter is long-lasting and doesn't break down or compact quickly, reducing the need for frequent substrate replacements. Choose Mini Oak Leaf Litter to create a comfortable and healthy living environment for your small pets.

1 Quart Bag

Note: These are dried leaf products and may vary in colour and texture from the picture.

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