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NO-MITE is a 100% organic treatment against mites IN FRUIT FLY CULTURES

Anyone that has cultured fruit flies is familiar with the issue of mites.

These tiny parasites are capable of disrupting or even destroying your fruit fly culture. The most common mite to breed in a fly culture are grain mites. Unfortunately a highly productive fruit fly media is also the perfect breeding ground for these types of mites. Once you have mites in your fly culture they will rapidly breed, stressing out the flies and affecting egg production. Often, the only thing a fruit fly cultivator can do is start a new, mite-free culture, in a different spot from the previous cultures, so as to prevent further contamination.

Now there is a solution for this problem: NO-MITE!

NO-MITE is a 100% organic treatment against many varieties of mites. The main ingredient in NO-MITE is diatomaceous earth, supplemented with herbs that are known to have an anti-parasitic effect.

The chemical makeup of diatomaceous earth causes irreparable damage to the mites’ exoskeleton, which in turn causes the mites to dehydrate and perish.

The added herbs in NO-MITE have a sharp, pungent smell that also helps deters mites.

NO-MITE can also be used to combat mites in animal terrariums, such as those of snakes, lizards, tortoises, birds and rodents etc., simply by spreading NO-MITE over the infected substrate.

NO-MITE is very effective at controlling and preventing mite outbreaks.

How To Use No-Mite To Make New Fruit Fly Cultures:

Add 1 tsp of NO-MITE to a clean empty deli cup. Then add some fruit flies to the NO-MITE, and shake it so that all of the fruit flies get a good coating of NO-MITE. (similar to the “Shake and Bake” method to duct flies and other insects with vitamins) Before you transfer the fruit flies to your new culture, you can separate them from any excess NO-MITE by using a sieve or pouring them out into another empty container. We would advise against you adding the excess powder back into your supply of NO-MITE, because it will contain dead mites – instead, simply discard it.

As NO-MITE is not harmful to either the fruit flies or the animals you keep (the fruit flies quickly shed their coating of NO-MITE and are not negatively impacted by it in any way), there is no limit to how often you can use NO-MITE when creating new fruit fly cultures. However, we advise against feeding NO-MITE directly to your animals.


Dust the spot or shelf where you’re storing your new fruit fly culture with NO-MITE as well. This will prevent any straggler mites in your cultivation area from infecting new cultures. We create moats for our fly cultures by using plant nursery trays and plastic egg crate, this helps prevent future mite infestations.

NO-MITE is very moisture absorbent, and because most of us tend to maintain high levels of humidity in our animal sanctuaries, we recommend removing the old NO-MITE in your cultivation area and dusting the spot with new NO-MITE every time you create a new fruit fly culture.

NO-MITE has an unlimited shelf life, provided that it is kept dry.

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