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Perforated Bell Cup

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Introducing the Versatile and Natural Beauty of the Perforated Bell Cup – Aegle Marmelos Bowls by Stargazer Exotics!

Elevate your terrarium, bird toys, and home decor with the Perforated Bell Cup, crafted from Aegle Marmelos, also known as Bengali quince. These unique bowls, measuring approximately 4-6 cm in size, feature carefully crafted holes of approximately 1-3 mm, adding a touch of nature's artistry to your surroundings.

Our Perforated Bell Cups serve as dynamic additions to your terrarium setup, functioning both as natural feeding bowls and cozy hiding spots for your terrarium inhabitants. The holes in the bowls provide your pets with a playful challenge, allowing them to reach their food with ease while adding a touch of authenticity to their environment.

These chemically untreated natural products bring a sense of uniqueness to your decor. Due to their natural composition, slight variations from the illustration and description may occur, imparting each piece with its own distinct character.

In the terrarium, use the Perforated Bell Cup as a natural feeding bowl, offering your animals an authentic dining experience. The holes not only make feeding fun but also add visual intrigue to their habitat. Additionally, these Bell Cups make excellent hiding spots, providing your terrarium animals with a secure retreat.

But the versatility doesn't stop there – these Bell Cups double as engaging bird toys, enticing your feathered friends to play and explore thanks to their intriguing texture and small holes.

Discover the natural beauty of the Perforated Bell Cup and let it become a charming decorative element in your home. Whether it's serving as an original bowl for small objects or as part of your natural decor, these Bell Cups infuse your space with an exotic yet inviting atmosphere. Elevate your surroundings with the authenticity and charm of Stargazer Exotics' Perforated Bell Cup – a touch of nature's elegance for your terrariums, bird toys, and home decor.

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