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Phelsucare Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

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Phelsucare contains Spanish Bee Pollen and is an all in one vitamin and mineral supplement ideal for geckos and lizards.

Phelsucare is ideal to feed to the Phelsuma geckos commonly known as Day Geckos. You can also use these vitamins with other geckos such as gonatodes geckos, lygodactylus geckos, sphaerodactylus geckos, cave geckos, viper geckos, plus many more geckos, lizards and other reptiles. Use Phelsucare to “dust” live prey food such as fruit flies and crickets prior to feeding them to your reptiles.

How to use Phelsucare

Put a pinch of Phelsucare in a clean deli cup, then add fruit flies, crickets or other feeder insects. Give the cup a shake to coat the flies with Phelsucare . Now add the flies to the Gecko habitat * Sit back and enjoy watching your Geckos eat, knowing that they are now getting the proper nutrition they require to be healthy.

*Avoid pouring Phelsucare directly on to your geckos or plants. If there is excess Phelsucare in the deli cup do not put it back into the packaging as you will contaminate the rest. You may save the remaining amount to use for your next feeding.

Average nutritional values per 100 gram Phelsucare

it E: 1.020,935 mg, Vit C: 0,71 mg, Vit B1: 3,64 mg, Vit B2: 16,538 mg, Vit B3: 0,23 mg, Vit B6: 7,8mg, Vit A: 45.000 IE, Vit D3: 12.000 IE, Nicotinamide: 57 mg, CU: 12,0255 mg, FE: 0,1650 mg, MN: 7,2 mg, ZN: 27,413 mg, CO: 6,3 mg, Ash: 4,7 g, Moisture: 0,19 g, NA: 0,14 g, MG: 0,02 mg, Fat: 2,128 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 27,0695 mg, Carbohydrates: 2,9 g, Fiber: 0,659 g, Protein: 1,72 g, Potassium: 46,5 mg, Calsium: 2206,9 mg, Phosphor: 890 mg, Selene: 1,85 ug, Threonine: 19,5 mg, Valine: 23,5 mg, Methionine: 14 mg, Isoleucine: 19,5 mg, Leucine: 35,5 mg, Lysine: 31,5 mg, Tryptophan: 5 mg, Kaempferol: 3,63 mg, Isorhamnetin: 1,125 mg, Rutine: 2,485 mg, Luteolin: 0,38 mg, Phytosterols: 13,75 mg

*Phelsucare has a shelf life of approximately 6 months once opened. Please keep your vitamins in a sealed container. It is possible to extend the life of your supplements by storing them in your refrigerator between use.

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