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Reptile Bandana With Magnetic Clasp

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Oh nooo! Is your beardie running around naked?

Now you can dress up all your lizard kids with a Repti-Bandana for every occasion! These adorable garments are hand made out of cotton fabric and feature magnetic clasps that attach or detach with ease. Lots of room to move, very comfortable fit.

To determine your reptile's neck size, cut a thin strip of paper and wrap it around snugly just above the shoulder pads making sure you get under the beard. You can mark the paper in advance or just tear it off where it fits best, then measure the piece that's left.

*Actual bandanas are approximately a half inch larger than the size listed so be sure to pick the closest size. If the bandana is too big, it will fall down around the dragons arms or fall off. If your dragon is growing and you want a slightly larger size, just roll back the wide end of the fabric where the magnets are to make it fit more snug around the neck.

Small 4" - Fits geckos and medium to big juvenile dragons 12" to 14" that weigh 75-150 grams
Medium 5"- Fits big juvenile or sub adult dragons from 125 to 350 grams or baby iguanas
Large 6" is our Regular Size and fits most dragons from 350 to 500 grams and small to medium iguanas
X Large 7" - Fits very large dragons over 500 grams and medium to bigger iguanas
XXL 8" - Fits Young Iquanas and Large Tegus

Please Contact us regarding available sizes

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