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Reptile Scooter

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Product Details

Dress up your herp or small animals...even birds.. as a construction worker with the mini hats, let it move ahead on a table, so cool and funny. These props are great for taking pictures or videos and interacting with small animals. Helping you build that connection with your pet.

Various underboard Prints - Sent Randomly.

  • Product Materials: High quality ABS
  • Product Size - hat: 0.8"X1.6"X1.8" - The mini scooter:4.13 inch(L)*1.38 inch(W),

Undone knot

Matte Surface


Slipknot and Elastic String

An elastic band was strung through the holes on each side of the hats. Convenient to adjust the size based on your pet's demand.

Matte Surface

The surface of the scooter grit frosted, this increases traction.

Quality Construction

Made of high quality ABS. The solid wheel and axle will keep you playing for a long time.

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