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Shark Costume for Reptiles

3 Size Choices
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Product Details
Brand: Stargazer
  • Size - Size: There are 3 sizes for all lizards from young to adult.
    • S: length: 5.9"(15cm), head girth: 2.4"(6cm).
    • M: length:8.3"(21cm), head girth: 5.1"(13cm).
    • L: length:11.2"(28.5cm), head girth:6.9"(17.5cm). Please measure your lizard before purchase.
  • Reptile-Fabric Friendly for reptile's Skin - Made of non-woven felt material. Light weight and comfortable to wear.
  • Shark Design - Cute, fashion and unique shark design costume will make your pet dragon become the focus of attention. It's perfect for taking photos or attending parties. Also works great as Christmas/Halloween costume.
  • Fine Sewing Handmade - This shark costume attaches with a velcro closure, which makes it easy to put on and take off. Wrap your lizard's head with the velcro. Congratulations! You got a shark lizard!

  • 100% handmade.
  • Please hand wash to avoid deformation
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