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Tree Stump Humidifying Hideout

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Product Details
  • Safe Material: This reptile hiding cave is made of advanced resin, and the water bowl above is a natural terracotta water basin. Safe and non-toxic, easy to clean.
  • Keeping Moist: A natural terracotta water basin is placed on the top to effectively increase the humidity of the reptile hide. Add water to the dish, it will slowly release moisture and increase the humidity.
  • Multiple Uses: The hide can retain humidity and help with the shedding process, staying healthy for your pets. Also, it's an ideal spawning ground.
  • Practical Design: The clay water dish can be removed, which is easier to clean; The space inside the cave is large enough to provide a comfortable shelter for reptiles.
  • Natural Look: Realistic tree root shape, create a natural breeding environment, and let your pets “live in nature”. It will be a great addition to your terrarium.



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