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Isopods for Sale in Canada

Meet The Pod Squad

And Thier Friends

Welcome to Isopod Canada - Home of the Pod Squad,  where we treat these incredible little critters like the true superheroes they were meant to be! Prepare to be whisked away on a fantastical adventure into the enchanting world of isopods, right here in the heart of Canada. As the ultimate destination for these tiny titans, we proudly present our quirky teams of species, carefully handpicked to delight every enthusiast's taste. ​


Calling all seasoned isopod keepers and curious newcomers alike! Our lair is positively teeming with extraordinary wonders, just waiting to captivate your imagination. Join the Pod Squad Fan group today, and let your curiosity run wild as you embark on an isopod experience like no other! Brace yourself for an epic isopod journey that will leave you marveling at the magic of these miniature marvels

Choose Your Team

Armadillidium Isopod Catelog

Behold! The formidable Armadillidium Isopods –  Isopod Canada's guardians of the soil, defenders of decay! Clad in their impenetrable exoskeletons, they roll into canadian action, shielding the ecosystem from harm and vanquishing pests with their armored prowess. These heroic mini-marvels roam the land, bringing balance and protecting nature with their tiny, but mighty, powers!

Cubaris Isopods  Catelog

Introducing  team Cubaris - Isopod Canada's  remarkable team of tiny titans! With their captivating colors and curious demeanor, they venture through lush terrains and mossy realms, preserving the delicate balance of their tropical habitat. Together, they form an extraordinary alliance, embodying the spirit of adventure and wonder. Join in on their enchanting journey as Team Cubaris takes on the role of guardians, ensuring the magic of their world remains alive for generations to come!

Dwarf Isopod Catelog

Step into the world of "Dwarf Isopods" - Isopod Canada's fascinating team of terrestrial marvels! They wander through leafy hideaways and dark crevices, playing a vital role in the circle of life. Compact yet mighty, they unite as a formidable force, bringing charm and balance to every corner of the habitat. Embark on an enchanting expedition as Team Dwarf Isopods unveils the wonders of their miniature universe, leaving us in awe of their indomitable spirit and ecological heroism!

Merulenna Isopods Catelog

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of "Team Merulanella" - Isopod Canada's  mystical alliance of miniature wonders! With their graceful elegance and mesmerizing colors, they navigate the lush forest floors and mysterious woodlands, weaving magic wherever they roam. United as one, they form an enchanting force, ensuring the harmony of their delicate habitat. Prepare for a journey of wonder and awe as Team Merulanella reveals the secrets of their enchanting world, leaving us spellbound by their ethereal beauty and environmental guardianship!

Porcellion Isopods, Porcellionides Isopods, and Onisucus Isopods

Behold the legendary union of  Porcellio, Porcellionides, and Onisucus - Isopod Canada's triumphant trio of terrestrial titans! With their armored exoskeletons and unwavering determination, they traverse the lands, embracing the diversity of their habitats. As a unified force, they bring balance and vitality to the ecosystem, leaving a trail of wonder in their wake. Embark on an epic quest alongside Team P&O as they showcase the marvels of their collective realm, proving that strength lies not only in numbers but in the spirit of collaboration and ecological stewardship!

Oddball Isopods Catelog

Step into the fantastical realm of the team of oddball isopods - Isopod  Canada's curious and enchanting group of land crustaceans! With their peculiar shapes, vibrant colors, and quirky behaviors, they exude a charm that is both captivating and endearing. Together, they form a delightful squad, venturing through uncharted territories and delighting all who encounter them. Prepare to be enchanted as Team Oddball Isopods reveals the magic of their eccentric world, reminding us that it's the unique and extraordinary that truly make life extraordinary!

Beetles and Millipedes Catelog

Embrace the extraordinary alliance of beetles and millipeds - Isopod Canada's dynamic duo of the insect world! Together, they form an unbeatable team, with Beetle soaring through the skies and Millipede gracefully traversing the ground. With their combined powers, they protect the natural world from all threats, bringing harmony and balance to every corner of the ecosystem.

Springtail Catelog

Welcome to the captivating world of Team Springtail -  Isopod Canada's dynamic and resilient group of tiny wonders! With their boundless energy and ability to leap great heights, they traverse the soil and forest floors with grace and agility. As a united force, they play a crucial role in the ecosystem, breaking down organic matter and enriching the soil. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible acrobatics and tenacity of Team Springtail as they spring into action, leaving a trail of wonder and awe in their wake!

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