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Arcadia EarthPro TurtleGold 80g

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EarthPro-TurtleGold is the ‘Gold Standard’ in Aquatic Turtle care. EarthPro-TurtleGold is an all-natural and balanced pelleted food mix for all aquatic Turtles. Formulated and made in the UK to the highest possible standards, these nutrient rich pellets contain the correct balance of, Fish, Shrimp, Insects, Aquatic invertebrates, Essential plant matter, Snails, Earthworms, Vitamins, Natural full spectrum minerals, Essential oils/fats, Flaxseed (a fantastic source of ALA) and a Probiotic.

EarthPro-TurtleGold can be used alongside other plant and Livefoods to offer fantastic nutrition, dietary variety and enrichment. EarthPro-Turtle Gold contains whole fish meal and algae, well known to help provide vitamins A and E and should be used alongside a well appointed UVB source.
These pellets have been designed to be both attractive and palatable and will sink to allow bottom feeding species including Musk Turtles to feed in a natural way.
Ingredients; Wheat, Salmon Fishmeal, Soya, Calcium, Shrimp, Silkworm, Alfalfa, Mineral Clay, White fishmeal, Flax seed meal, Mealworm, Green Pea, Spinach, Krill, Daphnia, Carrot, Potato Protein, Spirulina, Seaweed, Brewer’s Yeast, Earthworm, Snail, Bloodworm, Dandelion, Celery, Broccoli, DiCalcium Phosphate, Pro-Biotic.
Crude Protein 34%
Crude Fats & Oils 7%
Crude Fibres 5%
Crude Ash 9%

Usage; Feed as required per species and size of turtle. Use alongside a well-appointed heat and UVB system. Ensure adequate filtration. Feed as much as can be consumed in 5 minutes and remove any uneaten pellets. Feed as part of a full and varied diet. Aquatic Livefoods can be added to increase variety and to provide natural mental and physical enrichment.

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