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Porcellio spinicornis
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Grouping: Porcellio, Porcellionides & Oniscus
Porcellio spinicornis Isopods in Canada

Porcellio spinicornis are commonly found in all Canadian enviroments and is a species of terrestrial isopod commonly known as the "Spiny Woodlouse" or "Sowbug." As part of the Porcellionidae family, these small arthropods are fascinating creatures found in various regions across Europe, particularly in countries with a temperate climate.

Physical Appearance: Porcellio spinicornis typically measures around 5-8 mm in length, with a flattened and oval-shaped body. They have a distinctively uniform dark coloration, ranging from dark brown to black, making them easily identifiable. One of the notable features of this species is the presence of two pairs of small, conspicuous spines on the rear part of their body segments, which gives them their common name, "Spiny Woodlouse."

Habitat and Behavior: Being terrestrial isopods, Porcellio spinicornis is primarily found in damp and shaded environments, such as leaf litter, logs, and under stones. They prefer locations with high humidity and are commonly encountered in woodland areas. Like other woodlice, they are nocturnal and active at night, feeding on decaying organic matter, detritus, and plant material. They play an essential role in nutrient recycling and contribute to the decomposition of organic material, thus enriching the soil.

Reproduction and Life Cycle: Porcellio spinicornis, like most isopods, undergoes indirect development through metamorphosis. The females carry their brood of eggs in a specialized brood pouch, known as a marsupium, until the eggs hatch into tiny nymphs. The nymphs resemble miniature adults and go through a series of molts as they grow to their full size.

As with many woodlice species, Porcellio spinicornis exhibits a relatively short lifespan, usually living for a few months to a year.

Overall, Porcellio spinicornis is an intriguing and ecologically important member of the isopod family, contributing to the decomposition process and ecosystem balance in its natural habitat.

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

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Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

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