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Calcium Bearing Springtail Clay

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Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Unleash the potential of your sprintails with our Springtail Cultivation Calcium Clay. This specially crafted clay powder is the key to nurturing tiny invertebrates known as springtails, providing a host of benefits for you and your pets. Gathering springtails for your terrariums or animal feedings becomes a breeze when using clay cultures compared to charcoal cultures. Simply turn it over and give it a gentle tap.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium Calcium-Rich Formula: Our Calcium Clay Powder is formulated to be rich in calcium carbonate, a vital nutrient for promoting healthy bone development in froglets and small amphibians.
  • Dry Harvesting Advantages: A standout feature of this clay substrate is its ability to enable harvest of springtails without the use of water.. Just tip them out with a light tap. This alo means you can conveniently dust these minuscule invertebrates with essential minerals and vitamins before feeding them to your pets, ensuring their optimal nutrition and growth.
  • Digestible and Nutrient-Enriched: Beyond serving as a nutrition source for springtails, our clay substrate contains trace amounts of essential minerals like copper, iron, strontium, and zinc. These minerals are typically absent in commercially available vitamin supplements for frog pets.
  • Enhanced Feeding for Froglets: Raising tiny froglets can be a challenge, but Calcium Clay lets you provide appropriately sized, nutritionally enriched springtails that cater to the specific needs of your growing amphibians.
  • Growing Dart Frog Hobby Favorite: While traditional methods using horticultural charcoal remain popular, the use of clay substrate is gaining traction worldwide within the Dart Frog hobby, thanks to its unique advantages.

    Makes : 4x 8oz cultures or 2x 16oz cultures
    Instructions: Follow the provided guidelines to prepare the Calcium Clay Powder for your springtail cultures.
  • Please note that this product does not include springtails.
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