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Capreolus Stag Beetle

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Grouping: Beetles and Millipedes

LUCANUS CAPREOLUS for sale in Canada

Lucanus capreolus, commonly known as the Capreolus stag beetle, is a fascinating insect belonging to the family Lucanidae. These impressive creatures are native to North America and are known for their striking appearance and unique behavior. The Capreolus stag beetle gets its name from the Latin word "capreolus," which means "wild goat" and describes the appearance of their mandibles, resembling the horns of a goat.

These stag beetles are relatively large, with males typically reaching lengths of 20-35 millimeters, while females are slightly smaller. The most distinctive feature of the Capreolus stag beetle is its elongated mandibles, which can be much larger in males compared to females. The males use their impressive mandibles to fight for mating rights and dominance, making them a symbol of strength and power in the insect world.

In terms of coloration, Capreolus stag beetles vary in shades of brown, with some individuals exhibiting a metallic or glossy sheen on their exoskeleton. They have a robust body structure, allowing them to dig and burrow into decaying wood or soil, which is their preferred habitat.

Despite their formidable appearance, Capreolus stag beetles are harmless to humans and are mainly herbivorous, feeding on rotting fruit and sap from trees. They play an essential role in their ecosystem as decomposers, helping to break down dead plant matter and contributing to the nutrient cycle.

Observing the Capreolus stag beetle in its natural habitat is a unique experience, as it showcases the beauty and diversity of the insect world. With their impressive mandibles and intriguing behavior, these stag beetles continue to captivate the interest of nature enthusiasts and entomologists alike.

Name: Reddish Brown Stag Beetle

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