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Coco Blend

50% fiber / 50% chips
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Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Discover the Natural Wonders of Stargazer Exotics Coconut Substrates
Stargazer Exotics introduces a revolutionary solution for your terrarium needs with our Coconut Substrates. Sourced from compressed coconut husk fiber in the lush plantations of tropical Asia, these substrates redefine excellence in creating a natural environment for your reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

Our Improved long-standing standard. Trusted for Decades.

  • 50% Coir - 50% Chip
  • Triple Washed
  • 100% Natural
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Sustainably Harvested
  • Absorbs & Controls Odour
  • Helps Maintain Humidity
  • Low In Sodium
  • Debris & Dust Removed
  • Meticulously Cleaned
  • Holds 10x Weight In Water
  • Promotes Health Plant Growth

Ecological Marvels for a Thriving Terrarium Ecosystem
Our Coconut Substrates go beyond aesthetics, serving as an ecological wonder for your terrarium. Ideal for increasing humidity, they offer a safe haven for frogs, salamanders, and burrowing animals. The hygroscopic properties make them perfect for use as an incubation medium, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for your exotic companions.

Unleashing the Power of Natural Terrarium Microclimate
In the world of terrariums, substrates play a crucial role in shaping the microclimate. Stargazer Exotics Coconut Substrates excel in creating natural planted terrarium setups, providing a humidity-loving haven for your tropical pets. The substrates' hygroscopic nature regulates relative humidity, promoting proper shedding and preventing respiratory infections.

Natural Behaviors and Optimal Hydration
Witness the magic as our Coconut Substrates stimulate natural digging and burrowing behaviors in your reptiles. By releasing moisture gradually, these substrates aid in reptile skin absorption, reducing the risk of dehydration. Unique particle size discourages cricket hiding, ensuring a clean and safe terrarium environment.

Unparalleled Safety for Your Terrarium
Stargazer Exotics Coconut Substrates stand as the safest choice for reptiles, frogs, salamanders, and burrowing animals. Through a meticulous desalination process, our substrates double as a nutritional planting soil for live plants, creating a naturally planted terrarium setup that thrives in safety and beauty.

Superior Coir Pith Technology for Enhanced Drainage and Aeration
Our Coconut Substrates boast a unique coir pith formulation, incorporating a blend of short fibers and coco-peat in varying sizes. This innovation enhances soil drainage and aeration, fostering a flourishing population of beneficial bacteria and preventing root rot. Choose the safest option for your naturally planted terrarium setup.

Versatile Applications for Bioactive Terrariums
Our Coconut Substrates shine as a stand-alone substrate for humidity-loving species or as an essential component in bioactive substrates. The coarse pieces enhance aeration, resist compaction, and facilitate drainage, fostering a healthy environment for live plant growth and cleanup-crew vitality.

Long-Lasting, Mold-Resistant, and Sustainable
Stargazer Exotics Coconut Substrates guarantee durability and natural mold resistance, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. After use, these chips can be safely composted and reused in potted plants or gardens, ensuring sustainability and eco-friendliness in every aspect of your terrarium journey.

Add Coconut Substrate on top of Stargazer Exoitc's FirtLayer to create an ideal drainage layer for optimum plant growth, humidity, and drainage in naturalistic terrariums.

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