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Colloidal Silver - Triple Strength 30ML

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Brand: Bearded

Please note that while we have decades of experience in handling these medications, we are not veterinarians and don't present ourselves as such. If your reptile is sick please seek vet assistance. While we offer vet approved instructions and advice here, we offer these meds for the use of seasoned keepers who know how to use them.

Antibacterial Antiseptic Antibiotic Antiparisitic

Colloidal silver can be used internally and externally to fight off infection and cure common ailments. Can be used to treat infections of the eyes, ears, mouth and skin. Kills bacteria safely and effectively by making an environment it cannot survive in. Use internally or in a nebulizer to treat upper respiratory infections and kill parasites. Apply externally to the affected area and allow to dry, follow with DermaGel or other appropriate ointment to heal and protect affected areas. Proven safe and effective, all natural homeopathic remedy.

Not all colloidal silvers are the same! Whenever buying or using collidal silver, be sure it is a true colloid and NOT ionic silver or silver protein.


Concentration : 30PPM

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