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Corner Marble Basking Dish - Black

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Product Details
Brand: Nomoyo Pet
Introducing our Corner Marble Basking Dish, available in Red Marble or Black Marble colors, measuring 13x10x3.5cm. Meticulously crafted to resemble natural marble, this dish is a versatile and practical accessory for your terrarium. Made from non-toxic, odorless, and heatproof resin, it guarantees durability and safety for your reptilian companions.

Designed as a basking platform or food bowl, this dish replicates a natural environment, offering a close-to-nature living space. Its unbreakable construction and easy cleaning and disinfecting properties ensure convenience in reptile care. Perfectly compatible with 1.5 or 2 oz plastic or stainless steel feeding cups, it accommodates various reptiles, including tortoises, snakes, Horned Frogs, Bullfrogs, rainforest skinks, and lizards. With its artistic design resembling natural marble, it enhances the terrarium's aesthetic appeal while providing a secure and functional space, creating an enriching, naturalistic environment for your cherished reptile friends.
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