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Extra Deep Feeder Dish

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Product Details
Brand: Nomoyo Pet
Introducing our Extra Deep Feeder Dish, a versatile and practical accessory for your reptile's habitat. Sized at 9.5x6cm, this dish offers an ultra-realistic white and grey marble appearance, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted from non-toxic, odorless, and heatproof resin, this feeder dish ensures safety while serving multiple purposes within your terrarium.

This feeder dish stands out for its extra depth, catering to various reptilian needs. Its design accommodates snake soaking, providing ample depth for these reptiles to comfortably immerse themselves. Moreover, it doubles as an escape-resistant insect dish, offering a secure enclosure for live feeders. Additionally, its stunning and naturalistic appearance makes it an attractive and functional plant pot, enhancing the terrarium's visual allure while serving as a practical feeding station. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dish ensures durability, safety, and a versatile functionality that meets and exceeds your reptile's requirements.
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