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Extra Large Coconut Wedge

Great for Plants and Reptiles
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Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Explore a World of Natural Decorations for Your Scaly or Feathered Friends and Pet Habitats at Stargazer Exotics!

Are you on the hunt for natural decorations to craft bird toys or enhance your terrariums and small animal cages? Look no further than Stargazer Exotics! Our online shop boasts a vast array of natural decorative items, including the Stargazer Exotics coconut shell in its pure, untouched form. Explore an extensive selection, including various lianas such as dragon lianas and Sumbawa Wood lianas, cork-based decorations like cork oak tunnels, cork oak pieces, and cork oak panels, and an assortment of coconut-based ornaments such as halved coconuts, small animal houses, and coconut flakes for sprinkling.

When creating your own bird toys, it's essential to consider the materials. Birds thrive when presented with materials resembling those found in their natural habitat. Unprocessed plant material and wood are often readily accepted, even if they don't originate from your pet's homeland.

Our rustic natural decoration, the Stargazer Exotics coconut shell in its natural state, is a perfect choice. Each pack contains around 500 grams of coconut bark, with individual pieces measuring between 20 and 30 centimeters in length and 2 to 4 centimeters in width. While the exact count varies, you can generally expect between 2 and 3 coconut shell pieces per portion. Rest assured, our coconut decoration is entirely natural, having been carefully dried without any dyes, bleaches, or chemical treatments. Imported from Brazil, it comes in various shades of beige and brown.

This Stargazer Exotics coconut shell in its natural form serves as an ideal decoration for nagariums, terrariums, aquatic terrariums, and aviaries. It's also perfect for crafting bird toys that encourage nibbling and shredding, as the untreated Coco husk poses no harm to your pets. Beyond that, use these natural coconut pieces as scattering and filling material to adorn decorative bowls, glass vases, or decorative trays. Enhance your pet's habitat with the unspoiled beauty of Stargazer Exotics' natural coconut shell – your one-stop destination for natural decorations.

size approx. 20-30cm

2-3 Extra Large Pieces Per Order

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