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High Yellow Isopods

Porcellio ornatus "High Yellow"
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Grouping: Porcellio, Porcellionides & Oniscus

Porcellio ornatus ''High Yellow'' isopods in Canada

Explore the captivating Porcellio ornatus, a popular species from Spain, with black bodies edged in bright yellow. These extroverted isopods thrive in a proper enclosure, requiring a diet rich in calcium and protein for breeding and avoiding cannibalistic behaviors. Ideal for office and classroom pets, these active and brightly colored isopods are sure to delight! Find them here at Isopod Canada.

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

For live arrival ensure to choose the following Shipping method:
LIVE INSECTS OR FROZEN FEEDERS ( Live/Fresh Arrival Guarantee)
No credit for orders when slower shipping is chosen.

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