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Spanish Orange Springtails

Yuukianura aphoruroides
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Grouping: Springtails

They can tolerate a wide range of conditions making them perfect for both arid and tropical bioactive tanks. They can supplement the diets of a variety of reptiles and amphibians including dart frogs, newts, fish, etc. As detritivores, they can quickly breakdown organic matter in a vivarium, keeping the tank clean and your soil/substrate healthy, minimizing the time you spend on enclosure maintenance. These arthropods are easy to culture as they are prolific breeders and will multiply quickly. Pefer to live on soil with decaying wood.

25+ or 50+ springtails per culture.

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

For live arrival ensure to choose the following Shipping method:
LIVE INCECTS OR FROZEN FEEDERS ( Live/Fresh Arrival Guarantee)
No credit for orders when slower shipping is chosen.

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