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Tropical Pink Springtails

Coecobrya tenebricosa
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Grouping: Springtails

Tropical pink springtails are a large and extremely prolific species with a light pink hue. They can tolerate a wide range of conditions making them perfect for both arid and tropical bioactive tanks. They can supplement the diets of a variety of reptiles and amphibians including dart frogs, newts, fish, etc. As detritivores, they can quickly breakdown organic matter in a vivarium, keeping the tank clean and your soil/substrate healthy, minimizing the time you spend on enclosure maintenance. These arthropods are easy to culture as they are prolific breeders and will multiply quickly, given the

Starter Seed 2 oz - Great for starting a colony culture or seeding a 1 gallon of soil.
Newly Established Large (8oz) - Great for kick starting a small master colony or seeding 2-3 gallons of soil.
Well Established Large (8oz) - Start off strong and begin your small master colony right of the gate. Also great for seeding 3-4 gallons of soil.
Newly Established Master (16oz) Have multiple tanks? This is great for setting up a large master colony or seeding 4-5 gallons of soil
Well Established Master (16oz) - The grand poohbah! This is a hopping colony of millions. Great for 5-10 gallons of soil or splitting amongst several tanks.

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

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