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Magic Potion Isopods (Japan Line)

Armadillidium vulgare "Magic Potion (Japan Line)
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Grouping: Armadillidium

Armadillidium vulgare "Magic Potion (Japan Line) Isopods in Canada

Introducing Isopod Canada's captivating Armadillidium vulgare "Magic Potion" - Japanese line! These stunning isopods are a great addition to your vivarium, serving as a bioactive cleanup crew. With medium size and small spots as part of their morph, they thrive in most enclosures.

The Japanese Magic Potion isopods stand out with their beautiful pale carapace adorned with patterns of black and yellow. Growing up to 2 cm in length, they are prolific breeders, making them excellent for bioactive setups, breeding projects, and pets. Thriving under a wide range of humidity levels, they add enchantment to your vivarium. Get your Japanese Magic Potion isopods now at Isopod Canada!

Starter culture

All Cultures are started with 10-15 isopods of mixed life stages. ( May be mostly babies)

Please note, we don't ship these during the cold months. (November - April).
Orders placed during this time will be shipped in the spring.

For live arrival ensure to choose the following Shipping method:
LIVE INSECTS OR FROZEN FEEDERS ( Live/Fresh Arrival Guarantee)
No credit for orders when slower shipping is chosen.

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