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Magnetic Faux Stone Floating Island - Small

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Product Details
Brand: Nomoyo Pet

Introducing our Magnetic Faux Stone Floating Island, available in two convenient sizes - 16x10.5x3cm and 26.5x17.5x4.3cm. Crafted from super lightweight waterproof resin and equipped with extra-strong rare earth magnets, this floating island serves as a versatile and reliable addition to your terrarium. Designed as the ideal basking spot for aquatic turtles, it offers a secure and elevated platform for them to sunbathe comfortably.

Beyond its function for aquatic turtles, this floating island serves as an excellent addition to arboreal frog and gecko enclosures, providing access to higher levels within the terrarium. Its magnetic feature allows for easy placement and repositioning, ensuring a secure attachment while allowing your amphibians or reptiles to explore and access elevated areas within their habitat. Crafted with durable materials and carefully engineered with strong magnets, this floating island adds both functionality and versatility to your terrarium setup, creating a dynamic and enriching environment for your pets.

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