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Magnetic Faux Wood Floating Ledge - Small

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Product Details
Brand: Nomoyo Pet

Introducing our Magnetic Faux Wood Floating Ledge, meticulously crafted to resemble fresh tree bark, available in two sizes - 10.5x15.5cm and 15x26cm. Crafted from super lightweight waterproof resin and equipped with extra-strong rare earth magnets, this floating ledge serves multiple purposes in your terrarium. Primarily designed as a Turtle Dock, it provides a secure and appealing basking spot for aquatic turtles to soak in the warmth.

Additionally, this floating ledge is an excellent addition to arboreal frog and gecko enclosures, offering access to higher levels within the habitat. Its natural-looking design seamlessly blends into the terrarium environment while the strong magnetic feature ensures secure attachment, allowing your reptiles or amphibians to climb and explore elevated areas. Crafted with durable and safe materials, this faux wood ledge adds functionality and aesthetic value to your terrarium, creating dynamic landscapes and enriching environments for your beloved pets.

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