Pangea Humidity Hide

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Brand: Pangea


  • Perfect for small reptiles and snakes
  • Comes with multiple Biodegradable disposable sponges
  • Wash or microwave sponges for easy disinfecting
  • Promotes proper shedding & respiratory health

Here is a new twist on the reptile hide boxes you know and love. These hide boxes have a new feature using biodegradable sponges to give an extra humid safe space for your reptile. The small reptile hide comes with 2 sponges, and the medium comes with 4 which are easy to disinfect by washing or using a microwave, and when you are done with them toss them out because they are made of biodegradable cellulose! These boxes help promote proper shedding and assist with respiratory health with the extra humidity they provide your reptile.

This ABS plastic hide box is smooth inside and outside making cleaning a snap. These units are designed for ease of use and sanitation and make great hides for shoebox or tub type rack systems and terrariums. Door placement is offset to really give your pet a sense of security which aids in reducing stress in captive reptiles.
You can buy Replacement humidity hide sponges here.


  • Small: 5.75" x 4" x 2.5" - Perfect for geckos, skinks, agamids, small snakes and hatchling boas & pythons.
  • Medium: 9" x 6.75" x 3" - Perfect for larger geckos


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