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Pangea Ultimate Gecko Ledge

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The Pangea Ultimate Gecko Ledge.

If you want the best gecko ledge available, this is it!

Comes with 8 free 1.5 oz cups.

This mushroom style magnetic feeding ledge makes feeding your geckos easy! Geckos prefer to eat at elevated heights and this puts their food right where they want it! It uses high strength magnets both inside the ledge and attached to the outside of your terrarium. The ultra strength magnets secure the ledge to just about any type of enclosure.

Easy Clean Up! Made from ABS plastic, you can simply wipe away any mess, even dried on gecko diet!

Durable! Solid Plastic construction.

Can support up to 4 adult size crested geckos at one time (or 240 grams) through 1/4 inch glass.

Optional third magnet slot for super sized geckos like Leachianus or Gehyra or for use on thicker glass/wood enclosures.

Optional small cup adapters and .5oz portions cups so you can use either size cup.

Size: 8.5" x 4.75" x 2.25"

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