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Premium Deluxe Forest Floor Cover

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Product Details
Brand: Stargazer Exotics

Stargazer Exotics' custom blend of natural forest floor ground coverage.

For the upmost natural look. Full of tannins, natural anti-inflamatory and antifungal agents.

Superb hiding medium for isopods and springtails.

Create a natural environment to add engagement and enrichment to your reptile terrarium as they forage for food naturally.

May contain - Acorns, Black Alder Cones, Coconut Petals, Curly Pods, Mahogany Stars, Bakuli Pods, Windy Pods, Alatus Pods, Cone Scales, Banana Wood, Dice Coconut Husk, Lizard Pods, Pear Pods, Mini Lotus pods, Hibiscus Pods, Larch Cones

Derived from the following plants :

- Hydropera SP
- Larix Occidentalis
- Hibiscus Sabdariffa L
- Nelumbium Speciosum
- Daemonorops Draco
- Borassus Falbelifer
- Ficus Foveolata
- Coco Nucifera
- Musa Sapientum
- Pinaceae
- Largestroemia Floribunda
- Dioscorea Alata
- Pithecelobium Dulce
- Lagerseromeia Parviflora
- Betula Sp
- Swietenia Macrophylla

Combine this with some leaf litter and your floor is ALL SET!

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