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Reptile Guardian - Extra Sensor and Probe

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Product Details

Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to receive alerts and remotely monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels, power outages, as well as surface temperature on your reptile’s hotspot. Add a layer of protection to your pet’s habitat in event of a thermostat failure or power outage.


    • Aquariums and Terrariums
    • Rack systems for reptiles or rodents
    • Incubators
    • Residential or commercial use
    • Refrigerators, freezers and food storage for your reptile
    • Sensitive electronics and equipment
    • Indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity
      • Measures ambient air temperature and humidity
      • Sensor LCD toggles temperature and humidity
      • Add up to 5 sensors (sold separately) per gateway.
      • Wall hanging or free standing weather resistant

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