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Reptile Sun Hat with Matching Tie

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Product Details

Adjustable chin straps to cater to most head sizes - Even to large monitors if need be

  • Size L hat: diameter 9cm(3.54“)
  • Size S hat: diameter 5cm(1.97“)
Harness Size:
S:9cm x 3cm
M:10.5cm x 4.5cm
L:13cm x 6cm
Package includes: 1 set lizard leash with wings ( ALL THREE SIZES INCLUDED) Notice: Please use common sense when using this harness and leash. This harness and leash is meant to keep pet lizards safe by restricting their ability to escape your supervision. This or any other type of lizard leash / harness is never meant to "walk" or "tie out" any pet lizard as you would walk a dog. Never, ever leave your pet lizard unattended outdoors or indoors while wearing this or any type of leash or restraint.
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