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Sanikein - Coccicidal Disinfectant

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Sanikein is a Benzalkonium Chloride solution that is a highly effective disinfectant and germicide that will kill coccidia.

Sanikein is a concentrated solution that you dilute with distilled water. There are instructions on the bottle for making two different solution strengths. One is a .13% solution which is the suggested solution to be used for cleaning and is the standard strength used in hospitals and food production facilities for cleaning. The .13% solution is safe and very effective and is the one to be used in most applications. Sanikein can also be made into a .25% solution that can be used if you think something is badly infected. If soap has been used for cleaning prior to using Sanikein, rinse the area to be disinfected well as the active ingredient in Sanikein will be inactivated by soaps and anionic detergents. Be sure the disinfected area is fully dried before reintroducing your pet to ensure they don't ingest any of the cleaner. If the .25% solution is used for cleaning we would recommend rinsing the area with water after cleaning to ensure the safety of your pet.

Sanikein comes either unscented or with your choice of very lightly scented cleaners.

Sanikein is sold in a 4oz bottle and has a shelf life of four to five years if stored in a cool dark environment.

One 4oz bottle will make half a gallon of the .13% soulution or a quart of the .25% solution.

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