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The Cube™

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Product Details
The Cube™ is a slightly larger formicarium than the dram, however it functions in exactly the same way. The Cube™ is also fantastic way to start your journey in ant keeping! These are excellent formicariums for queen ants looking to start their colony, small colonies and also as bio-habitable containers for other small inverts. The Cube™ is a great starter-formicarium for semi-claustral queens that require foraging space to collect for their developing brood. The Cube™ is made of our signature Formicon™ which will retain and release heat and moisture when necessary. The Cube™ is cost-efficient, cleanable and reusable!

This product is designed for founding queens and very small colonies

Comes with:

  • 1 AntBowl™
  • 1 Pipette
  • Bag of matching surface substrate
  • Lid w/ (1x) circular screen mesh

Excellent for classrooms and those with limited available space!

This formicarium is designed for small sized colonies. The hydration system in this formicarium is best suited via misting once per week. This ant farm features a 4-sided view on all sides as well as an added “bottom view” of the main chamber for when you wish to observe the colony in the center of the nest. Condensation can accumilate in this nest so it is always recommended that the extra bag of loose sand is poured onto the surface of the foraging area in small amounts to control humidity.

This nest is NOT connectable to other formicariums as it is too small to drill into without cracking. The Cube fits inside all of our available larger formicaria for an easy transfer by opening the lid and placing it on it's side into a larger formicarium.

It is also recommended to line 1 to 2 cm from the top on all sides with a thin slick of SLIPPERY FEET.

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