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The Life of Giant Geckos, 2nd Edition

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Authors: Philippe De Vosjoli, Frank Fast & Allen Repashy

Published: Advanced Visions, Inc.

Reaching nearly sixteen inches and weighing up to a pound, the giant geckos of New Caledonia are currently the largest of the living geckos (there is still a remote chance that Delcourt's giant gecko, an even larger New Zealand species, could be rediscovered). Giant geckos are also remarkable in their social behaviors, forming monogamous pair bonds with habits similar to those of hollow - nesting birds.

Although once considered rare, these impressive lizards are now captive-bred in the reptile hobby. They, being relatively docile and easy to house and care for, make great pets

This new version of The Life of Giant Geckos is illustrated with over 182 color photographs and offers updated information on the natural history, social behaviors, and captive husbandry and propagation of these fascinating lizards.

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